Release RAM Pro 2.05

Release RAM Pro 2.05: Make Your Computer Faster, RAM More Efficient, and Reduce Window Crashes Release RAM is a software utility which helps Windows computers run faster, increases memory efficiency, and reduces Windows crashes. It can automatically recover RAM if a critical amount of Free RAM is reaches preventing your system`s performance from being degraded. Configures your disk cache settings, optimizes your virtual memory settings to reduce constant hard disk access. Runs in background keeping your system in peak condition.

Joint-Pain-Supplements 1.0: Joint pain can be difficult to treat, and can often cause severe discomfort
Joint-Pain-Supplements 1.0

Menopause Arthritis symptoms can be severe, and there are few ways to treat them. The Shea Fruit has been proven to increase the flexibilty of your joints, and to reduce your joint pain. Menopause arthritis can actually cause joint pain. And not just menopause--but anything that disrupts estrogen production in the body, including drugs that are utilized to reduce estrogen activity following breast cancer and surgical procedures.

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ColorVeil 1.0

ColorVeil adds a screen color filter over your Desktop and over any application you are using. You just continue to work as usual. Use red for excitement, blue for relaxation, sepia for nostalgia, or any other color for your own reason. ColorVeil can also reduce your screen brightness, even below its lowest available setting. This feature helps you reduce eye strain, especially at night. Portable and easy to use, just download and run.

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Secure-It 1.25: Secure-It is a  Local Windows Security Hardening Tool, secure your PC.
Secure-It 1.25

Secure-It is a local Windows security hardening tool, proactively secure your PC by either disabling the intrusion and propagation vectors proactively or simply reduce the attack surface by disabling unimportant functions * Harden your Local Security settings. * Reduce potential intrusion vectors by disabling non used services. * Proactively disable scripting or Active-X controls which prooved potential propagation vectors in the past.

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Table2CSS Converter 4.1.0: A SEO tool that converts pages with HTML table code to tableless CSS.
Table2CSS Converter 4.1.0

TABLE-TO-CSS is a SEO tool that converts pages with HTML table code to tableless CSS. It is invaluable if you want to : Reduce the percentage of HTML markup in your pages and get a better search engine ranking. Reduce the overall size of your web pages and even further improve your positioning in search engines. Replace the complex table layout in your website with simpler, easily maintainable CSS code.

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DMT SQL Backup Manager 2.5: Compress, encrypt and monitor SQL Server backups.
DMT SQL Backup Manager 2.5

SQL Backup Manager is a high-performance backup and restore tool for Microsoft SQL Server. It allows you to reduce storage requirements, reduce backup times, speed recovery duration, and providing automated, multi-server backup management and monitoring.

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Japplis Website Optimizer For Mac 3.0: Optimization tool for HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Japplis Website Optimizer For Mac 3.0

Japplis Website Optimizer is a tool that will reduce the size of your web pages, css and Javascript. Using several techniques, it can reduce the size of your HTML pages, css and Javascript by more than 50 %. This will not only make your website faster but also save bandwidth. Japplis Website Optimizer can also add the height, width and alt attribute to the images if missing.It can also generate a .htaccess file to improve the caching.

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